Safeguarding Your Possessions with  Gloucester Self Storage

Security at Gloucester Self Storage - Tel: 0800 169 1660


Gloucester Self Storage
St Albans Road
Empire Way
Gloucester GL2 5FW



Safeguarding Your Possessions

Security at Gloucester Self Storage - Tel: 0800 169 1660Gloucester Self Storage Warehouse is purpose-built and stands on its own grounds. The building is fitted with smoke detectors throughout and is completely surrounded by an eight-foot perimeter fence for maximum security.

Metal grilles have been fitted on all doors and windows and we have the latest Dualcom Alarm system which is linked to Central Station, providing state-of-the-art protection for valuables and stored items.

All rooms and storage areas within the Gloucester Self Storage buildings are spacious allowing maximum vehicle access. Our staff have been trained to use forklifts professionally to ensure safety when moving belongings for customers. Access doors feature at intervals throughout the length of our warehouse to facilitate loading and unloading from vehicles.



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